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Bangkok is a wonderful city full of history, gorgeous temples, and excitement. It’s an excellent place for travelers, as there is a lot to do and see here. It is one of my favorite cities in the entire world, and I can never get enough of it! Stick me in a Thai market surrounded by food stalls and I’m a happy man!

Bangkok is the hub for travel in Southeast Asia, and chances are you’re likely to pass through it on your travels around the region.

The city has thousands of guesthouses and hostels. There are so many that it can take hours to narrow down your choices when looking online.

Luckily, I’ve been visiting Bangkok for a decade and have stayed in dozens upon dozens of places. There are a lot of things to consider when selecting a hostel. The top four when picking the best hostel in Bangkok are:

  1. Location – Bangkok is huge and it can take some time to get around. Pick a place that is central to the sites and nightlife you want to see. All the hostels listed here are in central locations.
  2. Price – In Bangkok, you really get what you pay for, so if you go with a really cheap one, you’re probably going to get a hostel that is small, cramped, and doesn’t offer great service.
  3. Amenities – Every hostel in the city offers free Wi-Fi, though virtually none include free breakfast. If you want more than that, be sure to do your research to find the hostel that best meets your needs!
  4. Staff – All the hostels listed here have amazing staff! They are super friendly and knowledgeable. Even if you don’t end up staying at one of the places listed below, be sure to look up reviews to ensure you end up somewhere where the staff is helpful and friendly! They can make or break a hostel!

To help you plan your trip, here is my list of the hostels in Bangkok that I like the most. If you don’t want to read the longer list below, the following hostels are the best in each category:

Best Hostel for Budget Travelers: Bella Bella House
Best Hostel for Solo Female Travelers: HQ Hostel
Best Hostel for Families: Golden Mountain Hostel
Best Hostel for Partying: Mad Monkey Hostel
Best Hostel for Digital Nomads: HQ Hostel
Best Overall Hostel: Green House Hostel

Want the specifics of each hostel? Here’s my comprehensive list of the best hostels in Bangkok:

Price Legend (per night)

  • $ = Under $10 USD
  • $$ = $10-$20 USD
  • $$$ = Over $20 USD


1. Bella Bella House

This multistory guesthouse is centrally located, close to the river and Khao San Road, and attracts a calmer crowd. The rooms are super basic (they only have beds in them), but they’re cheap, clean, and quiet. For rooms with shared bathrooms, you only have cold-water showers; the air-conditioned private rooms have hot showers. The beds are pretty comfy, but the pillows are hard as a rock. The staff is friendly and helpful. There are tons of rooms, so walk-ins aren’t normally an issue.

Bella Bella House at a glance:

  • $
  • Great for budget travelers
  • Quiet and laid-back atmosphere (so you can get a good sleep)
  • Lots of space so walk-ins are welcome

Single rooms from 220 THB/$7 USD (fan, shared bathroom), double rooms from 320 THB/$9.75 USD (fan, shared bathroom)

2. Lub d Bangkok Silom

Lub d Silom is a very popular spot for backpackers looking to stay somewhere other than Khao San Road. The hostel is kept in good condition, the rooms are spacious and have electronic key locks, the staff speaks fluent English, and there are plenty of group activities. It’s a more European-style hostel than a traditional Asian guesthouse.

Lub d Bangkok Silom at a glance:

  • $
  • Safe and secure (they use electronic locks)
  • Organizes lots of activities so it’s easy to meet people
  • Staff speaks fluent English and can help you plan your visit

Beds from 305 THB/$9 USD (discounts for booking ahead and longer stays)

—-> Book your stay at Lub d Bangkok Silom

3. Golden Mountain Hostel

About a mile away from crazy Khao San Road and near the famous Golden Mountain Temple is this small, family-run hostel. It’s one of the newest and nicest hostels in the city. The dorm beds are actually cubbies built into the wall for added privacy, and each room sleeps eight people. The décor is super beautiful and well thought out. The mattresses are soft, the pillows and comforters are cozy, and the bathrooms are beautiful and clean (two showers, toilets, and sinks for each eight-person room!). This is a great hostel if you want some peace and quiet. It’s one of the best in Bangkok.

Golden Mountain Hostel at a glance:

  • $
  • Cubby beds for added privacy
  • Awesome staff that can help you plan your visit
  • Quiet and laid back atmosphere

Beds from 350 THB/$10 USD

—-> Book your stay at Golden Mountain Hostel!

4. HQ Hostel

Another European-style hostel, HQ has amazing beds with reading lamps, electrical outlets, and digital lockboxes. The facilities are clean and modern. The staff is incredibly helpful, and there’s also exercise equipment to work off all those Chang beers! Located in Silom, it’s also one of the best hostels in the city, even if it’s slightly more expensive than the rest.

HQ Hostel at a glance:

  • $$
  • Digital lockboxes for extra security
  • Small gym so you can work out for free
  • Convenient location near Lumphini Park

Beds from 360 THB/$11 USD (discounts for groups and longer stays)

—-> Book your stay at HQ Hostel!


5. Mad Monkey Hostel

Another backpacker institution near Khao San Road, this is probably the best hostel in Bangkok if you want to party. It has a restaurant, pool, and tour desk with some of the cheapest and most competitive prices in town. Additionally, you’ll get comfy beds, a cozy blanket, and your own outlets and lamps! All the rooms have air-conditioning. Even though it’s slightly more expensive than other places in the area, you’re making up for it with one of the best social scenes! If you’re looking to meet backpackers, it’s easy to do here!

Mad monkey Hostel at a glance:

  • $$
  • Party atmosphere makes it easy to meet people
  • Organizes tons of budget-friendly tours
  • Pool and restaurant on-site (super convenient)

Beds from 410 THB/$12 USD, rooms from 1,000 THB/$30 USD (book through their own website for the cheapest rates)

—-> Book your stay at Mad Monkey Hostel!

6. Green House Hostel

This large hostel is a backpacker institution, with large rooms, tour services, a bar, a pool table, and a decent restaurant. It’s the best overall hostel in Bangkok! As an added bonus, you can negotiate your room price if you walk in. The rooms are really basic (as you can see from the photo of my room above), and while the beds are hard, the pillows are pretty soft. There’s a nice desk, and the bathrooms are cleaned every day — they are simple but the water pressure is great! Tip: Avoid rooms in the front of the building, as the noise from the streets blasts up and you won’t get any sleep.

Green House Hostel at a glance:

  • $$
  • Huge common room makes it easy to meet people
  • Social common room (with pool table) is great for hanging out and mingling
  • Bar on-site means lots of partying and socializing

Beds from 410 THB/$12 USD, double rooms from 620 THB/$18 USD. There’s a 3% credit card fee, so pay in cash.

—-> Book your stay at Green House Hostel!

7. @Hua Lamphong Hostel

This hostel is pretty straightforward, with six-bed mixed-gender dorms, huge lockers, and en suite bathrooms. It’s slightly more expensive than others in the area, but the private rooms are hotel quality. This is the best hostel for travelers taking the train, as Bangkok’s train station is right across the street.

@Hua Lamphong at a glance:

  • $$
  • Big lockers for extra security
  • Convenient location near the train station
  • AC to help you beat the heat

Beds from 420 THB/$13 USD

—-> Book your stay at @Hua Lamphong Hostel!

8. New Siam Guesthouse III

This place isn’t great. The beds are kind of hard, and the rooms a bit dull under the fluorescent lights, so why is it on a list of the best hostels in Bangkok? Because it offers some of the cheapest private rooms in the Khao San/Rambuttri area. The rooms come with water, a desk, A/C, and hot water. Most of the rooms in the area with those kinds of amenities cost over 1,000 THB! If you’re looking to save money on a private room, you should stay here!

New Siam Guesthouse III at a glance:

  • $$$
  • Cheapest private rooms in the Khao San Road area
  • Convenient location (near Khao San Road and the main attractions)

Double rooms from 840 THB/$26 USD.

—-> Book your stay at New Siam Guesthouse III!

9. D&D Inn

D&D Inn is an institution on Khao San Road (it’s been around for decades) and perfect for those with last-minute travel plans. There are always rooms available, and reception is open 24 hours. There’s a bar and a pool on the rooftop that gets packed with travelers. They also upgraded the facilities and rooms in recent years. The rooms are cleaned often, some have fridges and hairdryers, the water pressure is great, the beds are soft, and there are a lot of beautiful wood finishings around.

D&D Inn at a glance:

  • $$$
  • Great for last-minute arrivals
  • Bar and pool make it easy to socialize and meet people
  • Rooftop patio for relaxing and hanging out

Double rooms from 920 THB/$30 USD.

—-> Book your stay at D&D Inn!

10. Baan Kachitpan

This home-turned-guesthouse makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time. There are fresh flowers all over, and the light switches look like they’re from the 1920s. The owner, Jam, and her mother (who grew up in this house) live right next door. You can tell that Jam put her heart into making this guesthouse feel like a home, too. The beds are not the softest, but the water is hot, and the place is pristinely decorated and very clean. It is only a six-minute walk to Victory Monument and a 20-minute walk to the Grand Palace.

Baan Kachitpan at a glance:

  • $$$
  • Cozy atmosphere makes the hostel feel like home
  • Owners are super friendly and helpful
  • Convenient location near the Grand Palace

Single rooms from 950 THB/$28 USD, double rooms from 1,590 THB/$48 USD.

—-> Book your stay at Baan Kachitpan!

11. Bangkok Tree House

Located just south of town along the river, this eco-friendly guesthouse is a wonderful place to get away from the concrete jungle of Bangkok. The floors, walls, and ceilings are all made of reclaimed wood and local bamboo, juice cartons provide the insulation, and renewable energy provides electricity. The accommodations are basic, but you get to wander one of the more pristine parts of town. Inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, it’s probably the most unique accommodation in Bangkok. They have lots of land to ride bikes on too!

Bangkok Tree House at a glance:

  • $$$
  • Eco-friendly design (the hostel is powered by renewables and made from reclaimed materials)
  • Bicycles available to help you explore
  • Quiet and laid back atmosphere (its far from the chaos of the city center)

Rooms from 4,590 THB/$139 USD (15% discount for buying online, bringing a bike, being an expat, and staying more than four nights)

—-> Book your stay at the Bangkok Tree House!


Bangkok is a huge city with a lot of accommodation options, but if you stay in one of these amazing and unique hostels, you’re going to be centrally located, comfortable, and able to save money and meet people! Win-win!

These are the hostels I return to time and time again. I hope you do too!

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Book Your Trip to Bangkok: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight
Use Skyscanner or Momondo to find a cheap flight. They are my two favorite search engines because they search websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is left unturned. Start with Skyscanner first though because they have the biggest reach!

Book Your Accommodation
You can book your hostel with Hostelworld as they have the biggest inventory and best deals. If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use as they consistently return the cheapest rates for guesthouses and cheap hotels. My favorite places to stay are:

If you’re wondering what part of town to stay in, here’s my neighborhood breakdown of Bangkok!

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance
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  • World Nomads (for everyone below 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for those over 70)
  • Medjet (for additional repatriation coverage)

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Be sure to visit our robust destination guide on Bangkok for even more planning tips!

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