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Trying to find accommodation in New York City can be a painstaking process given the large number of hotels and neighborhoods to stay in. This is a city of over 10 million people. It’s massive and there’s a lot of choice.

As someone who spent years living and working in New York City, I’ve stayed in a wide variety of places here. I’ve Couchsurfed, stayed in cheap hostels, cheap hotels, expensive hotels (thanks to travel hacking), B&Bs, pod hotels, friend’s couches, Airbnbs, and everything in between.

There are a lot of things to consider when figuring out where to stay in NYC that Google simply can’t tell you.

Today, I want to break down the best neighborhoods in New York City and the best accommodations in each of those neighborhoods so you can pick the right place to stay on your visit.

But, before I get into the specific neighborhoods and recommended places to stay while there, let me answer some of the most common questions I get asked about the city:

What is the best neighborhood budget travelers?
If you’re visiting NYC on a budget, you’ll find the cheapest places outside Manhattan in Astoria or Williamsburg. If you want to stay in Manhattan, the Lower East Side is quite affordable.

What is the best neighborhood in New York City for families?
The Upper West Side is the best area of the city for families. While a bit more expensive, it has a lot to offer (there are some great museums here and it’s close to Central Park) and it’s a lot quieter than anywhere else!

What is the best neighborhood in New York City for first-time visitors?
If it’s your first time in NYC and you plan on seeing a lot of sights, stay in Midtown. It’s a touristy, touristy place but it’s central. Personally, I’d avoid Midtown unless you really want to stay at a chain hotel or be near Broadaway! There are far better areas than Midtown!

What is the best neighborhood in New York City for partying?
The East Village, Village, or Lower East Side have some of the best nightlife in the city. That’s where I always go out. Williamsburg in Brooklyn also has lots of great bars. In reality, this being NYC, you’re going to find great partying anywhere you stay!

What is the best neighborhood in New York City overall?
I think that the West Village is the best neighborhood in NYC. A strong runner-up is Chelsea. They both have lots to see and do, have lots of great restaurants and cafes, are close to everything, and aren’t too loud at night. Whenever I visit the city, I usually stay in one of these two areas.

So, with that said, here’s a breakdown of where to stay and suggested accommodation:

NYC Neighborhood Overview

  1. Best Overall Neighborhoods
  2. Best Neighborhood in Brooklyn
  3. Best Neighborhood for Nightlife and Food
  4. Best Neighborhood for Families
  5. Best Neighborhood for Sightseeing
  6. Best Neighborhood for Museums
  7. Best Neighborhood for Eating & Drinking
  8. Best Neighborhood for History
  9. Best Neighborhood for Arts/Culture
  10. Best Neighborhood in Queens


Best Overall Neighborhood #1: West Village

The West Village is the place to be (and live). Despite its wealthy, celebrity-heavy demographic and plethora of fancy restaurants and boutiques, the area is pretty low-key. Walking around the cobblestone streets past sidewalk cafés, you feel as if you’ve left the crazy city behind and are in a quiet, suburban neighborhood. That’s the charm of this area. You’re in the city but really not.

It’s busy during the day but, at night, it quiets down greatly making it a great place to sleep!

Best places to stay in the West Village

  • BUDGET: The Jane – This historic hotel was actually where the survivors of the Titanic were put up when they landed in NYC. Now, it’s probably the best budget hotel in town, with compact single rooms, comfy beds, and shared bathrooms.
  • MID-RANGE: The Marlton – The Marlton is a restored boutique hotel that’s home to an excellent bar that serves incredible cocktails. They have free Wi-Fi and the rooms have a rather stately feel to them
  • LUXURY: Gansevoort – This chic hotel is one of the fanciest in the area. Technically it’s in the Meatpacking district but that’s basically the West Village so I’m including it! They have a great rooftop bar and hip, modern rooms. It’s a popular place with the celeb/model crowd.


Best Neighborhood for Overall #2: Chelsea

Chelsea is one of New York City’s best neighborhoods. It’s got lots of restaurant offerings, cool lounges, art galleries, and is one of the focal points of LGBT life in the city. You can spend all day exploring flea markets and antique shops, grab some tacos at the Chelsea Market, walk the beautiful High Line (an old train track turned into a park), and then enjoy a drink at a speakeasy or a dive bar before calling it a night.

Best places to stay in Chelsea

  • BUDGET: Chelsea International – This is one of the largest hostels in the city and has an outdoor courtyard, a dining area, and two kitchens. Breakfast is included and there’s also a free pizza party on Wednesdays.
  • MID-RANGE: Heritage Hotel New York City – The Heritage Hotel has simple but clean and comfortable rooms with air conditioning and a flat-screen TVs. There’s free Wi-Fi throughout the building and a 24-hour fitness center. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done for a reasonable price.
  • LUXURY: Ace Hotel – A centrally located artsy hotel, Ace has a coffee shop in the lobby that attracts lots of freelancers and start-up folks. It gives the place a great vibe. They also have a fitness center, free Wi-Fi, and simple but very comfortable rooms.


Best Neighborhood in Brooklyn: Williamsburg

Williamsburg in Brooklyn is hipster(ish) central. It’s home to offbeat restaurants, bars, clothing stores, and coffee shops, and an “I’m cool because I’m different” attitude. You’ll find lots of flannel and beards here! It’s not as hipster as it used to be thanks to all the Manhattanites who came for cheaper rents (though the impending closure of the L train is forcing people back into Manhattan) but I really enjoy this area because it’s close to Manhattan, cheap, and filled with fun bars (check out Freehole), top-rated restaurants, incredible bars, art, wonderful markets (Smorgasburg is the best), and music shows. I spend a lot of weekends here.

Best places to stay in Williamsburg

  • BUDGET: International Students Residence – Don’t let the name fool you, this hostel isn’t just for students. It’s a budget-friendly place to stay with free Wi-Fi, comfortable and clean beds, kitchens to cook in, and an awesome common area.
  • MID-RANGE: Pointe Plaza Hotel – A luxury hotel but with budget prices, this place has spacious suites (with full kitchens!) and oversized rooms with friendly staff.
  • LUXURY: Wythe Hotel – The Wythe is a refurbished waterfront factory with brick exposed rooms that have heated floors. There’s a rooftop bar with a great view of Manhattan as well. It’s the best place to stay in the area if you want to splurge.


Best Neighborhood for Nightlife and Food: East Village

Famous for its nightlife, Manhattan’s East Village is my personal all-time favorite NYC neighborhood. The bars scene here is excellent (you’ll find tons of cocktail lounges, speakeasies, and dive bars), the restaurants are amazing (so much good Japanese food around here), there are cool karaoke bars and barcades and just an eclectic mix of people It’s a lot of fun.

There’s a lot to do here, it’s very central, and it’s pretty affordable.

Best places to stay in the East Village

  • BUDGET: American Dream Bed & Breakfast – This B&B only has private rooms but the breakfast is hearty, with cereals, baked goods, and fresh fruit. They also have a kitchen so you can still cook your own meals to save money.
  • MID-RANGE: East Village Hotel – Each studio apartment has a fully equipped kitchenette so you can save money on food when you visit. The rooms are beautiful with exposed brick walls and the hotel’s central location can’t be beat.
  • LUXURY: The Standard – The Standard is one of the best hotels in the city and its East side location is better than the one in the Meatpacking district. The bar serves some of the best drinks in town and is usually always packed with NY’s fashionable set.


Best Neighborhood for Families: Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is definitely one of the more expensive parts of town, but it’s worthwhile to see the beautiful, famous brownstones (a traditional type of townhouse in the city) and some of the museums nearby, like the American Museum of Natural History. It’s close to Central Park, and there are plenty of shopping, eating, and nightlife options as well.

It’s one of the biggest family areas in the city so if you’re bringing kids or just want something a lot more laid back and quiet, stay here!

Best places to stay in the Upper West Side

  • BUDGET: HI New York City – One of the biggest and most popular hostels in the city with a ton of space, an outdoor patio, free Wi-Fi, events, activities, and a huge kitchen.
  • MID-RANGE: Royal Park Hotel & Hostel – You’re just a quick walk from Times Square when you stay here. Rooms are simple, but you have all the amenities, like free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.
  • LUXURY: Hotel Lucerne – Just a few blocks away from Central Park and the Hudson River, Hotel Lucerne has luxurious rooms (the beds are fantastic!) with free Wi-Fi and 24-hour room service, as well as spa services and valet parking.


Best Neighborhood for Sightseeing: Midtown

Midtown has a lot of NYC’s biggest tourist attractions like Rockefeller Center, Times Square, The Museum of Metropolitan Art, Madison Square Garden, Broadway, and Koreatown. There’s a lot going on in this area!

Personally, I don’t love staying in this part of town as it’s touristy, really busy, and there are far cooler neighborhoods in the city. But, if you must stay here, the places below are where you should stay.

Best places to stay in Midtown

  • BUDGET: Jazz Hostel – This hostel on Columbus Circle is one of my favorites in New York (there’s also one on the Upper West Side). It has a friendly environment, a kitchen for cooking your own meals, comfy dorms, free Wi-Fi, and a common area on every floor (it’s really easy to meet people here).
  • MID-RANGE: YOTEL – A modern, high-tech hotel that even has a luggage storage robot (seriously). The rooms are great, but the incredibly large outdoor terrace is the real winner. Grab a bite and enjoy the view.
  • LUXURY: W Hotel Times Square – You’re literally on Times Square at the W Hotel, next to big attractions like MoMA and Radio City Music Hall. There’s onsite dining, free Wi-Fi, and a W MixBar in every room. You can’t get closer to the action than this!

If you want to stay in Midtown East, you’ll be closer to Grand Central Station, the Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building. Here are some suggested places to stay in that section of Midtown:

Best places to stay in Midtown East

  • BUDGET: Vanderbilt YMCA – The Vanderbilt YMCA is close to everything you want to see and do in Midtown East, and within walking distance to Times Square, the New York Public Library, MoMA, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The rooms are simple, but they’re all private, and guests can take advantage of a shared kitchen and luggage storage. You can also use the fitness center and steam room, as well as the pools.
  • MID-RANGE: Pod 39 Hotel – Pod 39 is located in Murray Hill, close to all the hustle and bustle but quiet enough to enjoy a good night’s sleep. It’s near Grand Central Terminal, with easy access to the rest of the city. The hotel offers rooftop access which offers some gorgeous views in the summer.
  • LUXURY: The Library Hotel – If you’re a book lover, you’ve got to splurge on a stay here! Each room feels like a small library, complete with wood furnishings and individual collections of unique books. Rooms have Wi-Fi and all the amenities you need. You’ll also get free breakfast!


Best Neighborhood for Museums: Upper East Side

Upper East Side is another area known for being family friendly and as a cheaper place to live than downtown (a lot of my friends live here). It’s the best area for Museum Mile, home to the Guggenheim, Frick, Museum of the City of New York, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Additionally, thanks to all the young kids that live here, you can find a lot of incredible bars in the area. It has a really good nightlife and restaurant scene.

Best places to stay in the Upper East Side

  • BUDGET: The Franklin Hotel – The rooms here are simple, but the Franklin Hotel has a lot of perks, like a free buffet breakfast and a free wine-and-cheese reception very evening. There’s also free 24-hour espresso and cappuccino! All rooms come with large TVs, iPod docks, and comfy pillow-top mattresses. It’s also close to Central Park and Museum Mile.
  • MID-RANGE: Bentley Hotel – An affordable boutique hotel with great views over the East River. The rooms are super comfortable, and all the beds come with down comforters. There’s a nice lobby bar and the breakfast buffet is relatively affordable for NYC (around $20 USD).
  • LUXURY: Hotel Wales – A boutique hotel in the Carnegie Hill area, Hotel Wales has some beautiful historical architecture but also lots of modern luxuries, like down duvets and a really great spa. Paola’s Restaurant serves excellent Italian food too, including handmade pasta dishes. There’s also a 24-hour fitness center.


Best Neighborhood for Eating & Drinking: Lower East Side

The Lower East Side is a prime shopping, eating, and drinking neighborhood. It’s an incredibly diverse area – there are gritty pubs and bars, late-night comedy clubs, tattoo parlors galore, and a number of art galleries too. The Tenement Museum, one of my favorite museums, is also located here.

You’ll get the full NYC experience staying in the Lower East Side and it’s one of my favorite neighborhoods.

Best places to stay in the Lower East Side

  • BUDGET: Blue Moon Hotel – A clean, friendly place to stay with dorm rooms. They have a brand new lobby bar/café area, and a TV common room for guests. You’re just a quick walk to the subway from here too.
  • MID-RANGE: The RIDGE Hotel – Small rooms, but with some great amenities like iPod docking stations and wall-mounted TVs in each room. The helpful concierge can help you book tours and show you how to get around the city.
  • LUXURY: Hotel Indigo – This hotel is dedicated to supporting local street art and artists, and you’ll see plenty of their work throughout the building. Locals flock to their Mr. Purple rooftop bar and pool area in the evening for fancy cocktails.


Best Neighborhood for History: The Financial District

The Financial District area of New York City definitely caters to business workers during the day but it’s become a lot cooler of an area in the last few years. It’s now a popular place to live in the city. Here you’ll be able to take in the old city: the historic churches, buildings, and taverns that have been around since the 1700s. You’ll also find Federal Hall, the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, Wall Street, and Battery Park. In short, it may be busy but there’s a lot to do here, making it a convenient area to base yourself.

Best places to stay in the Financial District

  • BUDGET: Eurostars Wall Street – There are not many budget options in this area, mostly because it caters to people traveling on business. But Eurostars consistently offers good prices, and amenities include a microwave and TV in each room. Free WiFi, too.
  • MID-RANGE: Hilton Garden Inn NYC Financial Center/Manhattan Downtown – A 24-hour convenience store (The Pavilion Pantry) and the fitness center are just two reasons to love this place. It’s also a stone’s throw from the Charging Bull on Wall Street and Battery Park!
  • LUXURY: Club Quarters Hotel Wall Street – With its newly renovated rooms and great location right next to awesome restaurants and bars, Club Quarters Hotel is an ideal place to stay. Fun perks: free snacks and in-room yoga mats and resistance bands.

Best Neighborhood for Arts/Culture: TriBeCa

TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal) is where former warehouses have become lofts, galleries, and performance spaces. In the evening, the streets heave with people out for a drink or a bite to eat in one of the new “it” spots. It’s one of the hippest areas of town.

Be on the lookout for Taylor Swift, New York City’s official tourism ambassador. She’s lived in NYC since 2014!

Best places to stay in TriBeCa

  • BUDGET: Sheraton Tribeca New York Hotel – A 4-star hotel but with budget prices, this Sheraton has really modern rooms and a nice 24-hour gym. There’s shopping across the street and a Starbucks onsite. You’re also less than a block away from the subway!
  • MID-RANGE: Duane Street Hotel – This boutique hotel has some really fantastic touches, like terry bathrobes and classic books in each room. You can use their complimentary iPads, or take a bike out for the day.
  • LUXURY: The Frederick Hotel – Located near the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the Frederick Hotel is a funky, contemporary spot offering air-conditioned rooms with sofa beds, free Wi-Fi, and a great workout area. You can also take advantage of their complimentary walking tours through the neighborhood.


Best Neighborhood for Arts/Culture #2: Harlem

Harlem often gets a bad rap, but in recent years it has become one of the trendiest, up-and-coming neighborhoods in New York City. The area has deep African-American roots and is known for its live music and nightlife. It’s has an up-and-coming foodie scene as well. The famous Apollo Theater (where the Jackson 5 once played, among many other famous performers) is also here. Be sure to take a food tour (or a cultural walking tour) while you’re here!

Best places to stay in Harlem

  • BUDGET: Harlem YMCA – With its key location next to a number of 24-hour train lines, the Harlem YMCA is an excellent place to stay. All the rooms are private, but guests share a common bathroom. You also get to take advantage of the full fitness center, swimming pool, and sauna area.
  • MID-RANGE: Edge Hotel – Even luxury is fairly affordable in Harlem! Each room here is ultra modern and comes with a city view, and you’ll also receive free breakfast. There’s a 24-hour fitness center and free Wi-Fi.
  • LUXURY: Aloft Harlem – Aloft is a trendy hotel located within a few minutes’ walk to the Apollo Theatre. Each room comes with free Wi-Fi, a work desk, coffee facilities, and a flat-screen TV. If you’re thirsty, grab a drink at the W XYZ bar.


Best Neighborhood in Queens: Astoria

Although Astoria, in Queens, was traditionally NYC’s Greek neighborhood, there’s now a huge number of Italian, Brazilian, Baltic, Irish, and Egyptian residents in the area. As a result, it’s one of the most culturally diverse parts of NYC, especially in terms of food and art. Astoria is far from the action of Manhattan but it’s a cheap place to stay and has lots of amazing cultural things to do. It’s a whole different NYC than what you imagine. Check it out even if you don’t stay in the area.

Best places to stay in Astoria

  • BUDGET: Giorgio Hotel – This hotel also has small and affordable dorm rooms, so you have plenty of options here to fit your budget. It’s a great location and within walking distance to a number of restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and laundry facilities. There’s also free Wi-Fi.
  • BUDGET: The Local NYC – The dorm rooms at The Local are comfortable and clean, and the staff here is excellent. There’s a lobby bar, guest computers, a rooftop area, and single sex rooms available.
  • MID-RANGE: Hotel Nirvana – Hotel Nirvana is next to a metro station that takes you directly to Manhattan. Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi, terrace, and fitness center. Bonus: you get a free continental breakfast each morning!
  • LUXURY: Paper Factory Hotel – Warm colors and elegant furnishings have transformed this former factory into a homey hotel. Each room is large and comes with its own unique touches. There’s a coworking space and a games room!


So, where should you stay in New York City? Well, that depends on the kind of trip you’re planning! But wherever you end up booking your hotel or hostel, chances are you’ll never be far from a subway line so it will be easy to get around the city.

New York City has a lot of amazing neighborhoods and accommodation options so use this guide the next time you’re visiting the city and enjoy some great places to stay!

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Book Your Trip to NYC: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight
Use Skyscanner or Momondo to find a cheap flight. They are my two favorite search engines because they search websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is left unturned. Start with Skyscanner first though because they have the biggest reach!

Book Your Accommodation
You can book your hostel with Hostelworld as they have the biggest inventory and best deals. If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use as they consistently return the cheapest rates for guesthouses and cheap hotels. My favorite places to stay are:

  • The Local
  • Chelsea International Hostel
  • HI NYC

If you’re looking for more places to stay, here for my favorite hostels in New York City!

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance
Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • World Nomads (for everyone below 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for those over 70)
  • Medjet (for additional repatriation coverage)

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Want More Information on NYC?
Be sure to visit our robust destination guide on New York City for even more planning tips!

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